Catholic men’s outdoor adventures.


We are a Catholic Men’s outdoor adventures service. Our mission is to encourage men in their faith-life, the building of faith in their families and going on adventures that inspire us, and most of all becoming better friends of Jesus Christ

We are a group of men who believe each day should count for something greater than expected.

We believe in hard work and attempt to resist the power, persuasion and greed that would deter us from becoming the best version of ourselves. Shaking off the desire of attention, accepting our own responsibilities and owning the outcomes, which follow. We believe, hope and dream of becoming the entire man we were intended to be, knowing without these three it will be severely difficult. Trusting in something greater than ourselves, because without that, we understand it will be impossible.

Waypoints with a band of brothers

THe quest

Gain the Tactical advantage

Quests are built around hunting and fishing adventures that challenge the whole man.

The Tactical Advantage

  • What it means to be a saint.
  • How to be a hero to your family.
  • How to offer leadership sharing your faith.

The Wayponts

Location points used for navigation. They are both the challenges and the stepping stones of achieving a Grit Quest. 

Reach these Waypoints:

  • Being challenged spiritually to attain the virtues of Wisdom, Justice, Courage and Temperance.

  • Being challenged by a band of brothers who will support and build you up

  • Being challenged by the best guides on the best wilderness adventures you could experience

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