About Us


Our mission is to address the epidemic of isolation and loneliness experienced by men in today’s society, as they strive to lead in the world, by connecting them to the body of Christ.

We do this by:

  • Encouraging the understanding that manhood is built upon the virtues of: Wisdom, Justice, Courage and Temperance.
  • Challenging you to grow the Sword-of-Life, which is your Prayer-Life, into something incredible.
  • Uncovering that real “Grit” inside of you and applying it to your desire to make a difference in life.

Our purpose is to help fathers take the lead in the faith formation in their families.

We do this by:

  • Building life long relationships creating a Band of Brothers to strengthen, encourage and challenge men as they lead. 
  • Starting a Quest with your family (your plan to lead your family in their faith), makes you a #Hero.  Every child needs a hero.  Therefore, we call this journey a #Heroes Quest.  We hold you accountable to your plan.

In life you learn pretty quickly that we live in a fast-paced, no-time for stragglers world, where we are as replaceable as the paper napkins on the counter.  If you go rogue on this journey where the casualties are high, you’ll find out that success may be beyond your grasp.

When I stand back and look around, I see men who are bored and tired of their present situation; they’re dying inside!  I ask, how do I get involved?  How do I help? I coached college football for 40 years, I love the outdoors and I have a passion for the journey alongside men, who want to make a difference with their lives.   A great coach told me, “you’ve got to have a plan for everything.”  Without a great plan you’re missing the tactics and strategies you need to win!  A good plan is like a map and a map needs WAYPOINTS.  These are specific locations or goals needed to reach your desired achievement so, you know if you’re making progress.  The game of life can seem pretty confusing at times; what you need is a plan  – we can help you discover yours!

WIFM? Discovering how to build manhood from the virtues upward, encouraging men to build a greater Prayer-Life and helping men uncover the “Grit” deep inside them. We begin by offering men a location with a band of brothers who will affirm them.  A location where significance is found in being a Hero to their families.  A location where they can be a warrior because others trust them.  A location where men can rediscover the Church.  

The Virtues, a Prayer Life and Grit?  Why are these waypoints so important?   Because they lead you in the “game of life” so your soul will not wander off and be captured by their substitutes: pride, lust and apathy.  How do we help? 

Getting men to rally together!  Making that remarkable encounter with your true self in unknown territory, standing knee-deep in a wild Montana River or gun in hand on the South Dakota Prairie.  You will be challenged, and you will be a part of something incredible.  This is a GRIT QUEST!

Discover what it means to be a Saint, discover how to start a Hero’s Quest with your family, discover how to Offer leadership sharing your faith, discover how to Win at these marks each day, discover how God’s grace can help you Unhook your burdens,  discover how to Pursue the faith-life you desired.  Yes, discover how to SHOW-UP!

We are a non-profit hunting and fishing adventure service.  But, it’s so much more than that! You will be with a band of brothers who will have your back, you will sharpen the Sword of Life = Prayer, you will begin your Grit Quest, you will begin to build your plan.  Best of all you will begin to WIN. LET’S RALLY MEN, LET’S GO!