March 2024 Fishing Report

We took 7 men to Fort Smith, Mt on March 19th leaving Sioux Falls, SD at 7:30 am following a half-hour of Adoration at Holy Spirit Church

The 7 passengers switched seating assignments every time we stopped which allowed men to  tell their tales

Upon arriving, we immediately commenced to prepare our own dinner of Ribeye steaks while taking turns practicing casting fly rods;

We were able to increase our skills and our waistlines before we settled into an evening discussion about: “Are we really called to be Saints?”

We rose early on the 20th to prepare breakfast and read from the Book of Proverbs, chapter 20 before we headed off to join our river guides at the Big Horn Angler

We fished for 8 hours, boated 11 fish (Browns and Rainbow Trout) that were over 20 inches, with a total catch near 85-90 fish

The weather stayed consistent in the “It just can’t get much better than this” 60+ degree kind of day

We hustled back to our two-story cabin for Mass with Father Joe Fogal who also caught the biggest fish of the day, a beautiful 22 inch Rainbow

We ate a fine dinner of tomato soup, beef ribs, garlic mash potato’s and flourless chocolate cake that satisfied the appetite quite well

Our evening social hour closed out with a discussion about the key folks in our lives that shared true masculinity with each of us growing up

We awoke to a second day in 20 degree weather and enough snow that, at one point, I thought we might need to shovel out the boats

A good breakfast and a little reading from the Book of Proverbs prepares the heart an spirit of men for adventure

Rough weather also brings Trout to life, we boated 16 Trout 20 inches or greater on the day with a 24 inch Brown being the biggest, while total numbers exceeded day one

After 8 hours on the River, we hustled back for another Mass with father Joe, then added another fine dinner, plenty of Social hour replays of the day

And a discussion on how we share manhood with sons, grandsons and other men in our lives

Hope you can join us someday